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FRP Products

Spence Corrosion offers trained and certified shop and field technicians to meet the needs of the client. With trained staff in both ASME 31-3 (Piping) and RTP-1(Tanks) SCC is registered for inspection services with UltraAnalytics

  • Pipe and Tank repairs
  • ASME B31.3 Registered (FRP pipe)
  • Secondary bonders and laminators
  • Certified RTP-1 Vessel and Tank approved facility
  • Company developed & approved procedures for both temp and permanent repairs on pressure piping

Rubber Lined Products

Proudly, with over 120 years of combined experience, our Elite Rubber lining team takes pride in the many linings they have done in various industries, all over Western Canada as well as Mexico, Newfoundland. Rubber linings are a premium form of corrosion protection for some of the most severe chemical and abrasive environments. Natural and Butyl rubber linings withstand a variety of high concentration acids and are the optimum choice for high heat and abrasive environments. Additionally, the elasticity of a rubber lining easily accommodates thermal expansion and contraction as well as vibration.

  • Tanks repairs and lining
  • Pipe lining and repair
  • Irregular shaped product lining
  • Agitator blades
  • Shafts
  • Hubs

HDPE and Plastic Lined

Plastic lined pipe is made with a locked-in liner to minimize the adverse affects of differential thermal expansion between the liner and the steel. Spence Corrosion has developed agreements with manufacturers to be a service provider throughout Canada. Our employees have been trained by the vender in several product lines in this area

With a team of HDPE technicians located in both NL and AB we are trained in modern techniques in butt fusion and electro fusion utilizing data loggers on joints to ensure quality reports are available to our clients to meet and exceed their requirements.