Spence Corrosion places the highest importance on safety practices.  We strive to continually improve procedures and maintain the highest safety practices.  We have our Certificate of Recognition (COR) and have a full time health and safety person on staff.  Spence safety practices consistently surpass the Alberta government’s already stringent safety standards and we continue to improve.

Spence is also a member of ISNetworld which provides an online contractor management database designed to meet internal and governmental record keeping and compliance requirements.  ISN collects health and safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information.  ISN members are safe, reliable, and sustainable contractors and we’re proud to belong to this organization.

Another organization to which Spence belongs is the Partners in Compliance Program.  PIC establishes benchmarks and relies on its mandatory monitoring to ensure that member companies maintain the qualifications and commitment required of all PIC carriers.  PIC works to make roads safer, more secure, and transportation systems more reliable and efficient.  PIC members find themselves in a prestigious group of carriers whose passion is safety.

Moreover, Spence is a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association.  The membership of the ACSA consists of employers whose Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) account falls within participating Industry Codes.  The ACSA’s safety resources greatly aids managers, administrative staff and workers in the development and maintenance of HSE programs.

And lastly, Comply Works. This is an organization that helps companies confirm that the contractors and suppliers they hire meet corporate, legislative, and regulatory requirements.  As a subscriber, Spence utilizes Comply Works to mitigate risk, enhance our performance in operations, and most importantly, improve safety procedures.